Advanced business analytics at your fingertips

No drudgery data gathering, filtering and processing. All here, fully automated ent-to-end with and ready to serve your goals. 

Auto data processing and feature learning

You don't waste time for data collection, cleaning and transformation and processing, and you don't need an in-depth knowledge of statistics to infer outcomes.

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Intensifly is a powerful BI tool

It's secure and self-taught and could serve you as a virtual assistant.

We work 24/7 for you. 

Then, the workflow is reproduced, unloading many routine drudgery tasks from the management.

It's not an AI is only a set of sophisticated statistical tools. It can't motivate or inspire people, so it can't steal your job, but it can be your superpowers on many occasions, yielding your free time for something more valuable.

Auto feature interpretation and action suggestion

You don't need to think about how this info should be used and why it's crucial. We provide all the insight for you, and we draft a plan what do to benefit from the information provided, upon your approval, the task structure will be deployed.

Job efficiency analytics and best scenario design

Because we link every job to its monetary value, you get a better picture of how efficient the current job structure is and how it could be improved.

We cautiously treat your data and never make changes to your account without your consent

Early warnings on problems 

As we invest heavily in forecasting tools, we have information to foresee future pitfalls. Such thing as depleted supplies or misplaced workforce should be no problem for you: our robots work 24/7 monitoring your activity and warn you in advance.

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So, what exactly can we do for you? 

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Digital advisor

We carefully process your data and provide you with valuable insights and your fingertips. Best option to evaluate our tools and progress to the next level. we also will provide you with some auto generated tips on task management, but whether to follow them or on its up to you. 

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